Drug abuse among the youth.

Emerging drug abuse among the youth.

India is a developing country and drug abuse in small towns are common among teenagers. Emerging drug use disparities youth. Drugs abuse is one of the biggest recognised problems among the youth all around the globe but Before starting it is important to understand what drugs actually are?

What drugs actually are?

Drugs are the substance or a combination of substance that can alter the state of your mind in a way that you cease to see the reality about what is happening with your life. This the most common reason for taking drugs most of the youngsters today.

Why drugs?

There are so many many reasons a person wants to consume drugs. Most of the youth try drugs to see what happens, funny but true. 

There are more reasons why most of the people use drugs:


Although there are clearly dangers involved in taking drugs and has a lot of side effects, the evidence of drug use within youth culture indicates it is always an enjoyable experience. People who utilize drugs may love the feeling of excitement, confidence and relationship with others which some drugs can elicit. Drugs may also help relieve feelings of boredom.


Many young people live in neighbourhoods which suffer from poverty, with high unemployment, low-quality residence and where the infrastructure of local assistance is poorly resourced. In such populations drug supply and usage often thrive as an alternative economy. As well as any use that might be related to the anxiety and stress of living in such communities, young people with poor job expectations may find drug supply could be beneficial.


Humans are naturally curious. They want to experiment with different experiences. For some, drugs are a good conversation point.

The defence mechanism

Some people use drugs to help them forget about their problems including any traumatic situations they may have had experienced. Drugs can also be seen as a way to relax and deal with pressure or to help deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health crises.

Natural rebellion

With young people taking drugs can be part of the natural rebellion, introvert nature could lead to drug abuse. Drug use may act as a means of self-defence, as some people don’t want to socialize and wants to be alone.

Peer pressure

 Being around with someone who is consuming drugs can make people feel like they have to follow the same path. For example, it may be hard to deny an alcohol request from a friend in a pub where everyone else is drinking.

Family history of addiction

Drug addiction is more common in some families where there is a record of having a drug addict. If you have a blood relative such as a parent or sibling who have alcohol or drug addiction, you’re at greater risk of cultivating a drug addiction.

Effects of drug abuse.

Drugs are chemical compounds that affect the mind and the body. Using any drug, even in moderate amount or according to a medical prescription, can have short-term side effects. For instance, consuming one or two glass of alcohol can lead to mild intoxication. A person may feel relaxed, uninhibited, or sleepy. Nicotine from cigarettes and other tobacco products can raise the heartbeat. Abusing a drug, or misusing prescription medication, can affect adversely.

Some of the common issues are:

  • changes in appetite

  • sleeplessness or insomnia

  • increased heart rate

  • slurred speech

  • changes in cognitive ability

  • a temporary sense of euphoria

  • loss of coordination

Drug abuse can affect a person’s life beyond their physical health. People with substance use disorder, for example, may experience:

  • an inability to cease using a drug

  • relationship problems

  • poor work or academic performance

  • difficulty maintaining personal hygiene

  • noticeable changes in appearance, such as extreme weight loss

  • increased impulsivity and risk-taking behaviours

  • loss of interest in formerly enjoyable activities

Drug abuse, especially over an extended period, can have numerous long-term health effects. Chronic drug use can alter a person’s brain structure and function, resulting in long-term psychological effects, such as:

  • depression

  • panic disorders

  • increased aggression

  • anxiety

  • paranoia

  • hallucinations

Long-term drug use can also affect a person’s memory, learning, and concentration. Using drugs at an early age can affect the development of the brain and increase the risk of progressing to drug addiction. It has been noticed that people who are addicted to drugs die by suicide more often than people who aren’t addicted.

How to know that someone in your contact is using drugs continuously?

Sometimes it’s very difficult to differentiate between normal teenage mood or a teenager’s behaviour who have the signs of drug use. Possible evidence that a youngster or other family member is using drugs include:

Irregularities in going to school or work :

continuously missing school or work, having no interest in school activities or work, or a drop in grades or work performance.

Physical health problems :

lack of energy and enthusiasm, weight loss or gain, or red eyes.

Change in personality :

lack of interest in clothing, grooming or looks.

Changes in behaviour :

Not allowing family members to enter the room or not saying about where he or she goes with friends or drastic changes in behaviour and in relationships with family and friends.

Money issues :

Frequently asking for money without a reasonable reason or selling things without any reasons.

If you are consuming drugs for a long interval of time here is the symptoms that indicate you are an addict:

  • Having the feeling that you have to take drug daily or even several times a day

  • Having a strong desire for the drug that distracts you from any other thoughts.

  • Over time-consuming more drugs to experience the same effect.

  • Taking a bigger amount of the drug over a longer period of time than you intended

  • Making certain that you have the continuous supply of the drug.

  • Wasting a lot of money on drugs, even though you can’t afford it.

  • Can’t pay attention to work and responsibilities, or having issues with your loved ones.ones.

  • Knowing that it is harmful to your health although you are continuously consuming it.

  • Want to do anything to get the drugs even if it is illegal.

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop consuming drugs.

How to keep yourself away from drugs?

  • Learn to fight: Most of the time a person gets yourself involved in drugs when he thinks that he can’t do anything and his life has become useless. So it’s important to think positively that he or she can do anything and a single failure can’t decide his or her whole life, life is a combination of both failure and success.

  • Peer Pressure: Among teenagers, it is common that everyone wants to be popular among friends and for the purpose the gets attracted to drugs. If friends are having drugs then to get accepted or to get forced by the friends the consume drugs at that time you have to say no, that you don’t want that. This is the time you have to choose among the good and the bad which will decide your future.

  • Have a healthy diet and interact with the family members: Having a good relationship with family members will always influence you to the things which are right. They will always motivate you to do productive things. Taking a healthy diet and being conscious of the health will never take you the path of drugs. If you Are having problems then you need to share with your family, that will help you a lot.

Hot to get help if you are an addict?

If you came to knew that you have become an addict then firstly you should talk to your nearest ones, your family members or best friends and tell them the situation, and you want to get out of all these. Then consult a doctor if needed as if you will try to leave the drugs at ones then you might have withdrawal symptoms which can leads to death also. Stay positive and motivated that everything will be fine. Follow the instructions of your therapist.

Stay positive, 

Stay motivated,

And say no to drugs.

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