Bicycle: Ecofriendly means of transport

Simple bicycle icon. Black lines bike drawing on white background.

With the development of technology, there is a myriad of mode accessible to commute from one area to another. A sizeable majority of community opine that cycle is the outstanding way to commute within the city and have myriad overshadow the demerits which I am going to discuss.

To initiate, the foremost and most well-known outcome is bicycles are the inexpensive transport and add some advantages of eco-friendly mode to decrease air pollution. In expansion to this, it proved to be beneficial to prevent roadblocks and road accidents. The traffic of streets reduces to a large extent, particularly during peak hours. One can effortlessly move to distinct places with congested roads where four-wheelers cannot go by bicycle. Besides this, cycling is considered as decent exercise and it does not only enable individuals to move from one city to another but also helps them to strengthen a healthy cardio muscular system. A study proves that a group of hundred per cent on the way of transportation the use revealed that individual using a bicycle is more energetic and healthy than those using automobiles.

On the other flip side of the coin, there are a few negative aspects. Firstly, it is tough for us to go far away regions bicycle. Furthermore, it is a slow mode of transportation and takes much time while calculating and take a large portion of one’s energy and make them tired. Moreover only climate transport land can promote using of bicycle and where road safety is the privilege proceeded to the cyclist.

To conclude, bicycles are the lowest mode of commuting yet the positive side overweight the negative.

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