Right or wrong

Right or wrong

How can we figure out right or wrong? What makes us stuck between two possibilities?

The answer is our decision. decision is our only action on the basis of which we prove ourselves right or wrong. And the interesting fact is human behaviour doesn’t allow our mind to figure it out that we are wrong in any situation. 

How human makes a decision

Humans are very complicated species in the world not via body structure but, this statement is true by their behaviour. They use to put their all efforts today to make their future smooth or stressful. They often believe in the collect for their future. But here a question arise is this right? 

Not a single person in this world including any type of machines, computer, internet or any other technology can tell us, what will go to happen in future. No such machine has built till date. 

We can only assume about the future. And on the basis of an estimate putting all effort is right or wrong?

                               Let me go with an example. Have you ever watched an ant? How they collect their food? They use to collect only that much which is necessary for a season.

Sustain form of life is needed now a day. 

Wasting the resource for smooth and stressful life is not a good decision, and in this way here humans prove themselves wrong.

How to take the right decision

decisions are the pillars of our life to move on. A person has to take decision in every second time. In other words, we have to make decision in every moment of time so, that life must move on.

Believe me, decisions are the only factors by which you may be right or wrong.

Its like right decision may give you wings but besides this, a wrong decision may make you fall to the ground. So, it is necessary to know that how can we make right decision.

Human behaviour always attracts an easy life. We often choose smooth and easy life, shortcut, happiness, Even if we have to make the wrong decision for it. Of course, at first, it makes us feel good, but later we feel defeated.

We humans often take decisions when we are so much happy or we are sad or angry. But it is believed that feeling is temporary. At one moment of time, you are happy but it’s not permanent because at the very next moment of time maybe you are sad or angry. So, taking decision on the basis of our feeling is definitely wrong. Because decisions are permanent and a single decision can ruin your entire life.

So, one should think over it while taking decisions.

Why teenagers can’t balance between right and wrong

Teenage is that period of time where curiosity takes birth. Curiosity is such a thirst that if it not getting calm at right time then it may be dangerous like a snake’s venom. Proper education is not enough to fill up the curiosity of a teenage mind. With education, they need proper guidance.

Sometimes this feeling to know more and more harsh reality can push them in the field of crime.

So, proper guidance is much important for them. Make them believe in parents and teachers. Guide them properly, what is right or wrong.

True but harsh realities of human behaviour

Thinking his or her superiority is the reality of human, nowadays. I know this is harsh but it’s true. This type of feelings gives birth to other disqualifies like humiliation, selfishness, ignorance.

 When humans get a negative result for their good deeds, they immediately decide to be with the negativity. And at this stage, their mind gets surrounded by negativity. They start thinking of their own superiority, and they enjoyed exploiting others. But the fact is, what they get in response to doing this.

The answer is stress, unstable mind, pain,

sleepless night, restless life.

Whenever humans failed to control their own mistakes they start blaming society and other humans for this. But how far is their thought is right? In their superiority they forget that the society they were blaming at is their own, the people they were blaming at are their own relatives.

They blame the same society where they live and blaming the rules followed by them only. This is the true but harsh reality of humans.

Negativity of mind

If you feel pleasure by giving pain to others then you should understand that your mind is leaning toward negativity. In the war of our mind between negativity and positivity mind get easily possessed by the negative impact. Here self-superiority arises, and if it’s happened once in life our life keeps moving continuously in the same way. Getting back toward previous normal life is not easy. 

            There are several emotions in our body that we can’t control it. Its a fat and natural. We can’t control our mind but it is in our hand that how can we use it. Taking decision is one of the most important pillars of humanity to survive in the world. But we always choose wrong decisions. Why…?  Why we do often do this? What makes us attract negativity?

It is our emotion. For example:-

If a man has to take decisions what will he do? In most of the cases, he decides when he was too happy or when he was sad/angry. But his happy state or angry state of emotion is temporary. But decisions are permanent. So, one should be attentive and focused while making decisions because the presence of mind is important.

Negativity and positivity of our mind are totally held in our decisions. When our mind experiences extreme happiness, or pain or sorrow, our thinking power is not at its normal level. This is why in that stage we take wrong decisions, and with this, we striped towards negativity. Our concentration dissolves and we gradually become criminals. We need to adopt concentration so that we can understand the difference between right and wrong. So that we can make our lives even better.


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