Aspirations of Indian youth in making India skilled

Youth, the future of the Nation


Youth are the future of our nation. This statement is truly made by society. Their role is more important for society and for the nation. Therefore it is said that today’s youth power is the hope for tomorrow. Because their active minds can change the way of development of country and society. Young people have important responsibilities for their country. Youth power is very much popular among everyone, this is the reason that government and society were very much serious and focused towards their education, and tries to provide better education to them.

India is a developing country, in the way of making India skilled, fresh and active, the mind is needed. Youth have several duties and responsibilities toward their nation. They have to put their skill, imagination, creative thoughts and other creative ideas for the better future of our nation.  

The passion of Indian youth toward making India skilled.


The passion of youth can be seen in every field for the betterment of the nation. They are putting their best efforts in education, politics, Olympics and other fields. Today 40% of India’s population is young. In today’s time, motivation is needed to do any work, due to which the work becomes easy. The youth of India need it most because if the youth of our India gets excited then only the country will move forward. 


  • The first thing that is required to do any work is knowledge. Through education, we can easily make any impossible task possible. This is not just a story of fiction, our youth has proved this many times. 

  • It is only the aspiration of the youth that our country is also increasing its literacy rate. Today education is everywhere, and at the cost of this, our country is constantly moving forward on the path of progress.

  • The youth of our country have proved, they are not less than anyone in the field of education. But is it not the responsibility of society and government to make their education even better?

  • Better education serves as a strong base for a better tomorrow. The building will be strong only when the base will be strong.


  • When it comes to politics, even the name of our youth comes first.

  • Whether it is about the Students Union or Rajya Sabha, nothing is possible without the youth.

  • Patna University Students Union Election: BJP gets worried in front of PK’s management

  • JDU has won the post of President and Treasurer in Patna University Students Union elections. Party leaders are giving full credit to JDU vice-president Prashant Kishore.

Role of youth in politics.

India is a democratic nation everybody knows it. To what extent is our country democratic? What is the contribution of youth in politics? Do youth get an opportunity in the field of politics? The answer is no. On the one hand, our country says that the younger generation is the future of the country, on the other hand, instead of giving them opportunities, they are abused by saying that they are currently lacking inexperience. At first, they are motivated, later they are demeaned. About 40% of the population in India is youth. Imagine what can happen when half among this 40% of young, energetic and creative ideas will get a chance?  Obviously, the dream of a new India will come true.

Necessity is the mother of invention, but in case of necessity doesn’t get an opportunity, the invention is also vain. I believe the youth of our country can contribute in more ways than by just casting a vote. As far as politics is concerned, they are also interested in this field. They perform political work well in small places like college.

3.Games and Olympics.

Olympic is a platform in which only youth takes part, they not only participate but also show their passion and talent well. In the last few years youth of our nation make India proud by their performance. Their victory has brought the name of the country to a different height. 

Are the youth wandering off their path?

It’s true that lack of opportunities won’t let youths to be the real part of our country, but is youth worthy? Are they are on the right path? 

Nowadays youths are wandering off their path. What is the reason behind it? Lack of true guidance, their Curiosity, lust, drugs, is responsible for this. Among these all problems drugs are common. Drug abuse in teenagers ir youth is a very big issue in today’s era. It not only distracts the youth from their path but also make them empty from inside. Even ends their life.

After all, what is the reason for this? Why are young people wandering their way? Is it their fault? No, this is the fault of society. When we entrust such a huge responsibility to the youth, is it not our responsibility to give them the right education, to satisfy their curiosity? 

Do, youth need inspiration?

The way to success goes through commitment and strength, it is not easy. Many times it forces us to quit. Often on such occasions, we get deviated and give up. The same happens to youth. On such occasions, our knowledge given to them proves to be inspiring, which does not let them wander.

 Youth’s mind is fickle. Their curiosity always tends to push them towards negativity. This is the situation they were much in need of our concern.

How to inspire the young generation.

  • Make them believe in themselves:- A belief is feeling of absolute satisfaction. If we want to achieve anything a believe that, “I can” is important. Everyone must believe in themselves. Believe in yourself makes you win because no one will take action they don’t believe in. If we don’t believe in ourselves nothing can we achieve?

  • Make them focused on things they are good at- Youth can do better than us it’s obvious. Let them make mistake. Don’t worry, they fall them stand up. This era we are living is not about competition its all about creativity and new ideas.

  • Don’t be afraid of fail:- Failure is not a bad situation. In reality, it is how life goes on. Everybody does a mistake. But why? Because it wants to tell us there is something more we need to explore.

  • Don’t give up:- success is the way of commitment and strength. It’s not easy to jump through it. In the way of success things not easy at all, it may force you to give up. But one should believe in himself.

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