Self Priority

Self priority

Self priority

Yes, priority over yourself is a must. Curious to know why? Because it heels you in something energetic way. It makes yourself better to live life with yourself, it gives an idea that who actually you are, how beautiful is your life.

So, what is a self Priority?

Better to call it self care. Self priority is something you do, things for yourself only, for your own happiness and satisfaction, Moreover it can be described as a practice to make one’s life more enjoyable, stressful, happy and satisfied. Many people believe that it’s an act of selfishness, however, it is not like that. From the starting of our life to the end of our life we struggle for others and in the end, we feel like something missing, we feel like compunction, anguish, or grief. So, making yourself a priority is important.

Why it is important to make yourself a priority?

The only thing that is kept in our mind since childhood is that it is necessary to work to live. But if there is no life, what will be the importance of work. Living and working are a complement to each other, a kind of life cycle. But the real thing is that we work not to live but to fulfill our personal needs. Paying more attention to personal needs in lieu of work is what everyone considers necessary – but it is dangerous to our wellness. When we don’t care about the opportunity to take care of ourselves, we develop some kind of risk to our mental as well as physical health. Which leads us to an unhappy state of life.

We should find some time over our busy schedules to focus on our own need to be happy and healthy in our life by making ourselves a self priority.Self care a priority.

Self-care, what it looks like?

Many people believed that it’s an act of selfishness, and society doesn’t appreciate the selfish kind of people.But taking care of someone is not selfish. Whether you’re doing it for others or for yourself only. Self-care for cognitive fitness is one of the best ways to lead a happy and healthy life. We all need a break in our life. It is not that so hard, all we need to do is we can do anything which makes us happy. Give yourself what you need. Whether it is dancing, meeting with new people, eating, gym and etc. The therapy time we give ourselves is worth so much more than the unnecessary time we spent stressing on things that are mostly irrelevant and totally harmful to our mental health. With self-love and self-care one will eventually do better at everything they do, be it at school, college or workplace.

The most beautiful person in this world is you for yourself. The happy you and it comes over your priorities. Give a chance to you and live with the real you.

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