Happiness beyond sadness.

Happiness beyond sadness.

Is it possible to have only happiness in this world? Every creature in this world prays for happiness. But do you know what we actually do? We collect the things that we believe will give us happiness. We give our whole life to collecting those sources of happiness. Some people are sad because they don’t have anything while others are sad because they have nothing left to get it. Their whole life has gone in it, now what, did they get what they were looking for? Happiness never settles in tomorrow, it happens today. We should believe in living rather than finding it.

My experience says that happiness is not far away from you, it is hidden in your sorrow or in your struggle. When you overcome your struggle, then the feeling that you experience is happiness. We define happiness from our own perspective, but in reality, it does not happen. Our life is like a scale, if there is life on one side, then there is death on the other side, in the same way, if there is happiness on one side then there will be sadness on their side. We cannot aspire to any one emotion. Just as there is no existence of truth without lies, similarly there is no existence of happiness without suffering. We need to accept the challenge, we need to fight with it, and then only we can feel that happiness is beyond sadness.

What is the reason for sadness?

Why we get sad? It is believed that thinking is the main reason for sadness. Why it is so? I’ll put three situations Which is the key reason for anxiety. First one, Our thinking leads to the events that have happened in our earlier period or lead to the anxiety of tomorrow. In both cases, it distracts us, and our mind suffers from sorrow. Till our mind does not think in a positive direction, the storm in our mind will not end, and the clouds of sorrow will hover over us.

Second, We humans are ambitious. No matter how successful we are, our desire to get is never-ending. Let’s look at it this way. Those who are reading this article, I don’t believe they have not enough food to feed themselves, Nor will they be deprived of homes. Now think about those people who do not have all this. What you have at the moment is just a dream for those people.

Third, When one of our own is dead, we are still very sad. But why does this actually happen? What do we worry about? For that person who was dead? No, we worry, because we are in trouble now, what more could he be hurt by this? Our mind is more concerned about our future without him than his death, that what’s gonna be happen to us now. I mean to say, Man’s ambition is the cause of his misery. There is neither fault of time, nor of our needs nor any external link.

What do people do to get out of their anxiety? And what we should actually do to get out of this?

As if the sentiment of the people is also bizarre. They are sad at some other time, for some other reasons, then they place the blame on a third. A man comes home tired and troubled by his day-long run. On coming home, he removes all the trouble of that problem on his family. What is the purpose of doing this? He wants to get rid of his day’s misery. But actually, this does not happen.

By doing this, instead of getting out of one of his sorrows, he acquaints himself with another sorrow. This is what we do. We never consider ourselves the cause of suffering. Just blaming others, husband, wife, mother and father, children. 

What if we start accepting our mistakes? We will not get rid of sorrows, but there will definitely be a halt to sudden sorrows. We have to accept that the reason for our problem is only our thinking. There is no relation to any other in this. If we accept this, then there will be no reason for our sorrow when there is no reason, the sorrow will be halved on its own.

Problems related to sorrow.

  • Anxiety:- How does it reveal to us that we are suffering from anxiety? Well, let’s know about its symptoms and what can it cause as further illness. Anxiety leads to palpitation. It means a sudden increase in a heartbeat. It increases all of a sudden so, that it may lead to a heart attack.

  • Overthinking:- Basically its an Anxiety disorder but as we are sad this overthinking is a common problem among us. This problem drags us from the rest. It leads us to a different way where we are continuously worried about every little issue. 

  • High blood pressure:- When a person is upset then his irritable behavior is natural. But if you get angry, then a disease like high blood pressure also goes with a knock. Due to which a person can face disasters like a heart attack. Which may risk his life.

So, many similar problems were there which may cause whey we get sad, like depression, and many other psychological disorders. So, don’t take it easy. We should avoid sadness as much as we can.

How to deal with depression and anxiety?

Depression is a very common problem nowadays Even small children are saying that nowadays I’m depressed. So, how to deal with it. Depression or anxiety is a psychological disorder, but it can affect us physically. We will see how to deal with it later, first, let’s see who can control it? Nowadays people start taking medical help on the slightest thing. Now, if we go to the doctor with a problem like depression, what will he do? He will examine us physically and write a long description. But why should we take medicines? This is our psychological problem, and then medicine also has its own side effects.

If we see this in the right way, depression is nothing but our emotion. Its control is in our hands completely. 

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