What is a dream? Whenever we heard this word of course we again lost in a dream. This is often happening. So, what is the real meaning of the dream? It is a kind of visual that we see during our sleep. I mean a kind of world where you can be anything, you can go anywhere. A child can see himself as superman, a poor man can see himself as a rich one, and so on. Buy these are ordinary just leave it.

Now coming to the real meaning of the dream. According to me, the dream means something unexpected that may change your life. It is not necessary that dreams can be seen only while sleeping, in fact, it is completely foolish. I mean to say that dreams that we see during our sleep are undesirable and beyond reality. What we see with closed eyes is not a dream, it is a lie. The dream must be seen with open eyes so, that the passion to fulfill that dream will take our lives in a new direction. When we dream with open eyes, then we also have the desire to fulfil it. And not only do we achieve success, but we develop our own will power. 

Why and what we dream while sleeping?

Some people believe that what we dreamed at night has a particular meaning. They believe that dream has a major effect on our lives, What we see in our dreams has a direct effect on our life, auspicious effect, or inauspicious effect. But it’s not true. Our dream is totally based on our imaginations. 

Dreams are nothing but a sequence of images, ideas, and emotions. These images, ideas, and emotions are formed as a visual image while our sleep and we see a dream. This always happens during rem sleep. Rem sleep means rapid eye movement sleep. It is a behaviour found in mammals and birds, in which there is a fast movement of eyes while sleeping. The Rapid Eye Movement relates to memories. Which lasts for five to ten minutes. At night rem sleep is up to five times in a night, as a result, you spend your minimum two hours in dreams during your right hours of sleep.

There may be different types of dreams, it may be scary, entertained, funny, unrealistic, and many more. Here comes an interesting fact that no one has their control in dreams because they even don’t know that they were dreaming. But there are some kinds of dreams where a dreamer can control it. It is called Lucid dreams. Here in this dream, a person knows what he or she is dreaming and they can also decide their role in the dream, and also they can change the visual of dreams accordingly. This kind of dream was always seen by kids.

Parietal lobes, which are a part of the brain, cause lucid dreaming to become a conscious process due to the increase in activities in it. That is, due to the increase in these activities, it seems to us that all this is happening in reality with us. Sigmund Feud’s psychological theory of dreaming states that dreams represent unconscious desires and thoughts. By unconscious desires and thoughts, I mean, such desires or thoughts that you have come many years ago, but you do not remember them now. Such desires or thoughts are stored in your mind unconsciously. All your dreams are just an attempt to add memories to your mind.

Do dreams have any relation to our future?

You will often meet people who believe that the dream we see today has a direct impact on our future. It seems funny but they believe in this. They have different situations for different dreams. They believe that the dream is predetermined, indicating our good or bad future.

But in reality, it doesn’t happen. A dream is just an imagination of our mind. It is directly based on what we think while sleeping, what we had seen before sleeping, and what we feel during our sleep. It doesn’t decide our future.

What is the effect of dreams on our life? Is it dangerous?

If facts are to be believed, there is no such evidence that can prove that dreams have an effect on our lives. But it is true that it does have an impact on our mind and body. Many of you must have felt that when we fall from a height in our dreams, we really fall down from our beds. It happens while watching a lucid dream. Sometimes our mind remains conscious even after sleeping, that is why the events that occur during sleep, we see the dream exactly as it is happening. For example – when we feel thirsty in our sleep, we start looking for water in our dreams. 

Such dreams are not dangerous. A dream is just a way to connect the images in your mind with your memories. Dreams can make you feel more and more afraid. Because when you listen to a horror story or watch movies while sleeping, those scenes run in your mind that you see as a dream. Dreams were to a great extent felt real to us, so it is normal to experience fear.

The mystery of dreams.

Dreams are the most mysterious and most interesting experiences of our lives. Sometimes dreams disturb you and even make you think. But sometimes you don’t even know what you dreamed about. Dreams were taken very seriously in ancient times. And they used to mean a lot. During the Roman Empire, dreams were handed over to the Roman Saints for dissolution. They believed that dreams were the message of God. In ancient times, people used to take dreams so seriously that they used to study dreams deeply before fighting any war. But in today’s world, scientists have given many facts about dreams. And we have told that there is no secret behind dreaming. In a dream, we only see the reflection of our memories.

Even today many people get scared about dreams. There is some secret behind dreaming, they believe. But this is nothing but superstition. Dreams are not related to our future but to our past memories.


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