Reason and imagination

The best way to measure reason and imagination is to compare once childhood dreams and think about the same situation in our adult age.                 Imagination is infinite. There are no limits to imagination. Whenever it comes to me, I recall my childhood memories, and it goes on continuously.  Not only for kids but adult’s imaginations … Read more

Restoration Comedy.

Introduction to Restoration Comedy. Restoration comedy is an English comedy that was written and performed during the restoration period. It was a period between (1660-1700). The comedy of manners or anti sentimental comedy is used as a synonym of Restoration comedy. The best-known fact about the Restoration drama is that it is immoral. The dramatists … Read more

The new education policy of India 2020.

The new education policy of India 2020. It is said that if a country has to change then, the education system of the country must be changed first. The Indian government has now decided to take a step over it after 34 years of the long journey. Such a big upgrade has been never done … Read more