Suicide is the solution


Is suicide, a solution?

We live in this era where everyone wants solutions. This proves that mankind now-a-day doesn’t want to face challenges or problems. They need instant solutions at any cost, even, they risk their lives to fulfill these needs. And if it doesn’t go right they quit the end. I don’t know why but, majorities of people believe that end of life will stop the burden of problems.

But here the real problem rises up. Because this type of mentality doesn’t make any sense. Ask yourself, is it fair to end your life just to avoid some issues? Nothing can be said about that objection but yes, it can definitely be said- that suicide creates further issues. Suicide is not a solution.

What forces to suicide?

It’s not clear, exactly why people commit suicide as this is a less talkative topic. It is true that no one can read the mind of a person but human psychology says that factors like failure, depression, anger, hopelessness, fear to lose relatives or dream achievement, etc can be responsible for committing suicide.

According to statistics, only the youth are caught in the grip of this illness. In India majority of students committed suicide because of failure and a bad result. Love failure related to suicide problems comes next to that.

When somebody committed suicide we are like-okay he committed suicide. But just think about, through what situations he was going, that he comes to a decision where he ends his life. Such a horrible decision it was. It is, most horrible part of anyone’s life where he feels he is trapped. Doors were closed from all four sides, nothing left behind. This is the way he comes to that decision to end his life.

Less conversation of parents to teenagers It is difficult for teenagers that, how to face their parents after failure in board exams. And they find it easy to take their lives instead of facing their parents. In India, most of the suicidal cases were directly based on it.

The reason behind it is less interaction of parents to their teenage children. Teenage is a period where the mentality of boys and girls was sensitive. They find it difficult what to do next. As they don’t find it easy to face their parents with failure mark sheets they come to a decision to end their lives.

What suicide leaves behind?

Death is not a pleasant thing, not at all. And if we see a suicide case then it ends one’s life which is not a good thing but also it leaves sorrow behind it. It doesn’t like, if somebody committed suicide, the whole thing got stoped. The people closely related to the victim, they have to suffer. Nobody would want that his loved ones have to face any kind of troubles behind him. 

What suicide does to a family:-

I lost my brother last weak, I lost my best friend, I lost my wife, I lost my beloved aunt, I lost my husband, I lost my father, I lost my son last year. These are the first lines when you talk to the relatives of a suicide victim.

I wish I would know, why? This question doesn’t let them sleep at night. An individual’s suicidal death has affected his family, friends, and relatives and they were in the trap of:-


When a loved one dies by suicide, emotions can devastate you. Your suffering might be heart-wrenching. At the same time, you might be trapped by guilt — wondering if you could have done something to prevent your loved one’s death. Guilty by thinking I wish I could know why? This question always makes me feel guilty. If I would I could stop him.


losing loved one often makes us cry. It’s difficult to know what to do or what to say when some loved one died. In this situation sorrow is a feeling strike in the form of tears.


Death of a loved one will bring their relative to mental illness. Fear of losing can stop working or thinking power of the mind as a result they can face problems like a coma.


Sudden emotions come out when you know about the death of the person you loved. Often over the emotional state of mind reacts as anger. And further, it can change into mental illness or depression.

Affects of suicide in society

Everyone has their own point of view. Of course, death is a sensitive matter for everyone in society but it is also true that the fingers in hand were not all of the same sizes. If we talk about Indian society, suicidal death is less sympathy type situation and more the gossips matter. 

It is harsh but true the people who were not closely interacted with the suicide victim has less care for his death. Some of these people may feel on the way like a person whose relative had committed suicide. In a circumstance where the person has tried openly with a mental health concern, those who knew that the struggle will feel the pain of the loss—likely admiring if they could have done more.

Why the suicide rate is higher in India?

India has the highest suicide rate in the South-East Asian region, according to the latest report World Health Organization. India’s suicide rate at 16.5 suicides per 1,00,000 people. And also India has the highest female suicide rate in the world i.e 14.7 throughout the world.

About 47,000 suicide occurred between the age group of 15-29 and 15-39 till 2016.

Among these student’s suicide from of age group between 15-21 years is common. And the reason behind it is their bad result. They took the suicidal decision because they can’t find it easy to face their parents with failure.

Depression is also a reason which brings people to a decision to kill themselves. Embarrassment is the reason among young girls for suicide.

Why suicide is illegal?

In the eyes of low murder is a crime either other’s or self-murder (suicide). According to section 309 IPC(Indian Penal Code) attempts to suicide are illegal. Anyone who survives after attempting suicide may be booked under IPC section 309. This section 309 says Whoever attempts to commit suicide and does any act towards the commission of such offense, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year (or with fine, or with both).

Not only in the eyes of law but suicide is the sign of cowardliness in the eyes of society also.

Suicide is not a solution.

Life is a bunch of experiences. It had ups, downs. Basically, life in human society is a challenge, dealing with it is not easy at all. Everyone wants happiness without sorting out your problems, you can’t achieve that life full of happiness.

I believe that happiness doesn’t exist, it’s just a feeling of victory over your mental or physical issues.

Even in any game, after losing you restart it instead of quitting it, then why not to your issues? We get life once, it’s a precious thing you ever had, it does not fare to give up so easily. If you do so you are a coward.

Life is precious, you are the luckiest person as you have it. Fight for it, and don’t think to give it up.

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