How to stay productive and organized?

There are lots of things which proved that to be more and more productive is the only way to achieve success. For example, from, last few months due to this epidemic the whole world is in shut down mode. Many people have nothing to do, anything.

But it doesn’t mean that a person’s productivity is only related to money. 

What, productive actually means?

When we think toward this word productive it sounds like making money or a source of income. But it’s not really true. 

If you are productive then it means that you put lots of effort into any work, rather it’s your official work, personal work, or your daily routine. A productive person develops his or her mindfulness faster than another person, who continuously wastes their time in stupid stuff. The word productive is often described as the capacity of a person to do lots of work and a positively productive result. For example, if a farmer has more fertile land as compared to the other farmer then that farmer with fertile land will crop good products. Here, with this example, it’s clear that the first land is more productive than the second land.

So, being productive is not only related to earning wealth but it makes you more alert, focused, successful in life.

How to stay productive?

Firstly, what do you know about habits? Normally habit means the task in which we are interested most, whether its official or unofficial task. But believe me, small changes in your habits can help you to stay more and more productive.if you adopted organized habits, the result will be automatic productive. Here are some organized ways to be productive.

  • Be attentive and focused:- To do any work, we must have full reverence for that work.

There is much difference between a person doing his work or a person enjoying his work. For the good result of any task, the focus is the first priority. Without your attention, your work is like a car without an operator.

  • Give time to the tasks you are interested in:- For a well-organized person time is precious. And if you want to be an organized person you won’t let your time in stupid stuff. So, giving most of your time to the task you are interested in, will bring you a good and productive result.

  • Avoid multi-task at a time:- Now a day there are so many options. But engaged in multi-tasks not good for our better result as well as for health. Why it is not good? Because it divides your brain, thinking power, strength, and energy. If you are giving priority to multi-task then it’s obvious that you can’t operate well any of the tasks you’re doing, and instead of a result, you’ll get nothing but stress, depression, anxiety.

  • Don’t hesitate to say no:- No in itself is a small word but it has a great meaning. In the way of success we gonna face many unnecessary things which may divert us. In this type of situation ‘NO’ is the most effective weapon to avoid those stupidity.

  • Manage and reboot your energy:- Continuously working on a particular task is not possible for anyone even for heavy machinery. It is important to reboot or manage energy from time to time. And one of the fine ways to do this is taking a break for an interval. A short break helps us to recharge our bodies and also manage to get new ideas. So, it’s another good habit to be more attractive, focused as short breaks keep our mind fresh and productive throughout the whole day.

  • Neglect ego and learn from mistakes:- Ego problems are very common among humans. They don’t want to let anyone in between themselves and their ego. And this is the worst situation in our life. Life and success are all about learning, and there is no good teacher than our own mistakes. Do you know most people do not accept their mistakes instead of that they feel good in blaming others. People with this type of spirit in their habit can never be productive. If the do not accept their mistakes, they can’t learn new things. Basically, I want to say that being productive is to adopt well-organized habits.

  • Always keep backup plans:- Mistakes are very attached to we humans, jokes apart but it happens. It is good to learn from mistakes, but without backup plans sometimes it’s very difficult to correct the mistakes. It is extremely useful to have a backup plan. When you create a plan what is also useful is again that you created a plan. So, everyone had a different thought, so, your planing could come forward as a better suggestion. In this way, you can figure out what may have been happened or what may not be happened next. But it most helpful when you fell down and don’t know how to proceed further.

  • Divide your work into small pieces:- It’s easy and effective to do your task by dividing it into small tasks. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide that, from where to start and how to end. So, one can easily divide the whole work into small tasks. Exactly in the same way as the student’s school/college project. As their whole project was divided into many sub-topics. This task doesn’t only make your work easy but it also makes your work effective.

  • Make a list of unnecessary things:- While doing any task there are so many unnecessary things come up to divert you, like tiredness, sleepy eyes, hunger, etc. These are natural and we can’t avoid it. So, the best way to deal with it to make a list of these things so, that we can bind-up these things in our breaks. Also avoid using social media or mobile and pc games while working, because it is enough to distract you for a whole day.

Conclusion: How to stay productive.

Highly productive people can seem like a superhero for whom nothing is impossible. Most of the time, the most efficient people you meet have managed to find ways to overcome procrastination and other challenges. They see challenges as their new opportunities. So, to stay productive and organized you need to adopt these changes in your habit. There is a difference between normal and productive people. 

          Normal people ask others for help when they face new problems. But productive people see those challenges as an opportunity.

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